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TabaPay Payment Processor

One of LoanPro's bank card payment processors.

Written by Jackson Stone

Updated on May 15th, 2023

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Audience: Upper Management, Developers, Accounting, Loan Servicing/Collections Managers, Administrators


LoanPro is integrated with TabaPay, a processor that can handle bank card payments and funding transactions. TabaPay's competitive advantage over other card processors is that they can often process credit transactions through debit channels, making the transactions cheaper.

Getting Approved with TabaPay

Payment processors do their processing through an ODFI (originating depository financial institution, read "bank"). The ODFI will have certain criteria you must meet in order to process payments. Because of this, there is a 2-4 week underwriting period, during which you will need to submit documentation about your business to TabaPay.

Unfortunately, there is nothing LoanPro or TabaPay can do to speed this process up, because it is a requirement of the ODFI. Whether signing up for TabaPay or any other processor, we recommend you start the process at least a month before you plan to receive payments through them.

Setting Up the TabaPay Integration

Since LoanPro uses Secure Payments for payment processing, you can set up a new TabaPay processor in either LMS or Secure Payments. To create a new credit card processor, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Secure Payments in your LoanPro account.

Navigate to the Debit/Credit Card tab. The 'Add Processor' button is at the top of the list, but you can scroll down past other integrated payment processors listed to find all of your TabaPay processors.

 Whether you add a new one or edit an existing one, the window looks the same:

From the "Processor Type" drop-down, select TabaPay, then enter the information from your TabaPay account.

Option Description
Processor Name This is a name you will assign to this processor to distinguish it from other TabaPay processors you may create. You can enter whatever you like so long as the name is unique.
Client ID This is your client ID with TabaPay (e.g. jNNiQsqTOBdOnyDkvxop)
Settlement Account This is the ID of the account to which funds will settle. This ID will come from TabaPay (e.g. DAuNqxRWf70D9A)
Bearer Token This is an authentication token given to you by TabaPay (e.g. A8f3lfDBz9EFsc23dkxeL24FaN)

Once you have entered your information, scroll down to enter the settings for this processor.

Option Description
Default If set to yes, this processor will become your default credit/debit card processor.
Auto Reversal If set to yes, charged-back payments will automatically be reversed in LoanPro.


Once the information is entered and correct, click 'Save'.

You will now have the option to process payments using TabaPay.

Secure Payments Setup

You can also set up processors within Secure Payments. Log in, then navigate to Processors > Bank Card > TabaPay. To add a TabaPay processor, Click the "+" button on the top right and of the page and enter the information from your TabaPay account.

Here you'll see a full list of processors, which shows whether the sandbox setting is turned on or off. When you create or edit a TabaPay processor, you'll be able to toggle the sandbox setting.

Working with TabaPay

You can also use the API to create and use TabaPay processors. If you are interested in learning how to do so, we have a few articles that explain the process. For information on creating a new TabaPay processor, read Secure Payments API – Create TabaPay Processor. For information on processing payments with TabaPay, read Secure Payments API – Process TabaPay Payment.

It is also important to note that TabaPay transactions in Secure Payments are automatically updated after two business days, because TabaPay doesn't provide a way to query status updates. Once two full business days have passed, a transaction's status will change from "Processing" to "Settled Successfully". After the status of a transaction has changed in Secure Payments, its status in LMS will be updated automatically as well. That way, your transaction records will match in both places.


TabaPay Error Codes

Here's a full list of the TabaPay error codes and what they each mean.

Error Code Secondary Value Secure Payments Error Description
200 "networkRC" contains any of {"ZZ", "21", "22", "32", "17"} Reversal completed in LoanPro and Secure Payments, but not completed by TabaPay due to Network Response Code <networkRC>.
200 "status": "ERROR" "Network Response Code <networkRC>: <TabaPay Description of networkRC>"
201 - TabaPay Error 201: Transaction was successfully created, but TabaPay is yet to batch the transaction.
207 - TabaPay Error 207: TabaPay tried to process the payment, but one or more of its upstream processes failed. Please confirm payment details and try again later.
400 "EM": "" TabaPay Error 400: First name error. Please confirm the first name associated with the payment profile is correct with no special characters.
400 "EM": "" TabaPay Error 400: Last name error. Please confirm the last name associated with the payment profile is correct with no special characters.
400 "EM": "accounts.sourceAccount.card.accountNumber" TabaPay Error 400: Card number error. Please confirm the card number is correct.
400 "EM": "accounts.sourceAccount.card.expirationDate" TabaPay Error 400: Expiration date error. Please confirm the card's expiration date is correct.
401 "EM": "Token" TabaPay Error 401: Please confirm your token is correct and you have the correct "Sandbox" setting.
403 - TabaPay Error 403: Invalid permissions to access the Resource, please contact TabaPay support.
404 HTML Form 404 not found TabaPay Error 404: Resource not found. Please confirm you have the correct ClientID in your processor configuration.
406 HTML Form: 406 Not Acceptable TabaPay Error 406: Invalid request. Please confirm the payment profile details to make sure that everything is correct and there are no special characters.
409 "EM": "referenceID" TabaPay Error 409: Please try again later. If the error persists, reach out to LoanPro support and provide the error code.
422 "EM": "Transaction Limit" TabaPay Error 422: Transaction amount exceeds your TabaPay limit. Please try a smaller amount.
422 "EM": "Reversal" TabaPay Error 422: Transaction has already been reversed by TabaPay.
422 "EM": "Source Disabled" TabaPay Error 422: This card is not accepted by TabaPay. If testing, please check their documentation for sample cards.

What's Next?

With processors set up, you're reading to start logging payments. If you want to understand the basics, check out Intro to Payments. If you've got the main ideas down, then see Logging Payments for specific instructions on how to log them.

You might also be interested in setting up Merchant Processor Groups or Payment Defaults.

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